Handle with care!

Curly and wavy coils of root finding their way to breath in the mud slide of Lake Chabot reservation park, Hayward California. The deep reserved jungle with a lake is perfect mach for people who want to appreciate the PLANET GREEN. The curvy road in between the tall(determine to touch the sky) trees, welcome its guest with packages of surprise in its every corner. The surprise can be anything from a heavenly lake view to a mud slid where watching steps is important.   A view from Lake Chabot,Hayward(California)This is one of the gifts from our Earth to enjoy. The place is another canvas for earth, to show its creativity which beyond the imagination. Quiet just naked quiet. But sometime hearing the ducks communication and flurries of Bay leaves crunched underfoot like cornflakes is pleasant like..like seeing your pet after the whole day of work. The air field with the smell of dry bay leaves and eucalyptus.   Absent of plastic water bottles, garbage of any kind was an indication of a masterpiece is in a good hand.
Our whole planet supposed to be like the above description. I can say it was. Now what is wrong? We asked question like this before so many times, and love to blame others on this topic. In every family, we have some one to blame in the neighbor. For example-“their kids are throwing plastics in the neighborhood”. My Point is weather it is you or yours or theirs but the Earth has enough to hold. Now global worming is one of its indication of saying “you guys are misusing me”.

We are writing in our FedEx package “Glass-handle with care”. What about the package that is holding us? Should not we handle the Earth (package) with care?Our scientist has been searching our neighbors in entire Milky Way.
They are not able to find one like ours yet.

In my view, I believe Mars was like earth and the current Mars is a dead red planet. We can read all about MARS here

Our Earth has plenty of what we ‘need’, but it cannot support all our ‘wants’. What we want depends on us. In my view, we are slowly losing the resources to fulfill our basic needs due to the craving to fulfill our wants.
I hope we can recover our Earth one day if we can concentrate with our job of handling the earth with care.

We can all engage in the practical discussion here,about how to handle the Earth with care. Any suggestion welcome.

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