Jamestown, ca

Thinking about a trip to somewhere after a long gap, is surely exciting. I planned early on Saturday morning by making-sure  everything is ready; all basic needs for traveling. A friend of my husband also joined with our fun adventures. Oh, I did not mention yet where we are heading. It's the historic Jamestown (California) around  two hour east from San Francisco. This town was famous for it's gold mining  back in California gold-rush time 1849. As of today it's famous for being historic and  providing opportunity for visitors to time-travel back in the history and feel how it was back then. And of course try our luck in finding real gold.

                                 Main st. sidewalk (Jamestown)

                 The shop for buying equipments for gold prospectors.

I spent most of the time just enjoying the mood of the town and trying to merge myself into the soul of the whole place. I guess the city has become much quieter now as compared to the booming time back in 1849. The miners, their families, the dreams and the hopes, how it would have been when they are all together.  Booms come and go, just like tides in the oceans. But the cities stays to tells their never ending stories.

 Gold prospectors are busy digging and experiencing outdoor exercise too.

I enjoyed the company of many new friends. Amazingly, I experienced a real 'no stranger' feeling. Also patience is very important when it comes to finding Gold or anything which is precious in life.

Nevertheless, it was a spectacular early morning with anticipation of finding gold as well as digging a little deeper into the history and a satisfying evening as I thoroughly enjoyed myself just pottering about.

Happy Earth Day to you all my dear readers.

Tulip Mania!

                                                                             Tulip (It's looks like flame)

                                                                      Hello World It's me- The Tulip

Red, Yellow, Yellow with red-lines;Tulips are in season now. They are gorgeous. This is my first attempt towards planting tulip. I planted them from bulbs. Every week, I was making sure whether the plants are coming or not. Finally I heard the whispering "Hello World". Happy me at last.

According to the record, Tulips were brought from Turkey in 1593 and introduced to Dutch. The flower became popular because of its beauty and rarity. People liked tulips so much, back in 1637 in dutch golden age, 12 acres land were offered for one Semper Augustus Tulip bulb. 
That period was called "Tulip mania" (Tulips price went extremely high and suddenly collapsed).

There was a book called "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" written by Charles Mackay, a British journalist in the year of 1841, where he mentioned about the Tulip mania and the behavior of the market in a whole.

Even there was a event described in the book, where one guy bought a Tulip bulb by trading all of his money. Unfortunately, his wife accidentally cooked the bulb. Oh Dear!

It's seems like recession is getting deeper here in the US. If I looked back the history, there are many brilliant companies started in the recessions. So possibly, our high spirit and creating new hopes to deal with the current recession, will help us.

Lastly a silly joke of the week:
 Two cows were talking.
Cow no.1: "Are you concerned about this mad cow disease?"
Cow no.2: "No! It doesn't worry me at all. But then, I'm actually a horse".

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