I always thought ,why I have to see the big Redwood tree on my way to work which is standing proudly before one block from my office?. The answer I found for myself, I am trying to describe here in this post.
I believe the only answer for it is Connection. And connection can be in any form. Its depends on “how we connect”,”what is it we connect to”. Please correct me if I am wrong. But its the basic need in life. In our subconscious mind we all knows this. But we never thought about it deeply.

Last week I saw a small bird through my window. The next day my eyes were searching for that bird. The very moment I discovered the bird, I felt relieved. Again next day same thing happened. Then I hanged a Bird Feeder in front of my windows. That bird came with bunch of birds. And all help themselves by eating the grains from the bird feeder. Again I felt more satisfied and relaxed.

I understood very clearly that I am now connected with that bird . What is a connection actually. When I searched answer from my immature philosophical mind I found this:
Connection is a bridge you build slowly with one subject or object without their knowledge and you feel satisfied.

People often connects to a city, their Hometown, can be a place holds their childhood memories, a tree in their backyard, a Coffee shop, mom's best apple pie may be Jiaozi may be curry. The moment they connect, they want to preserve it.

If we connect (in a positive way) with everything around us, in other word, I can say more sensitive towards our surroundings, I hope the world will be a better and safe place for generations to come.



Organic toys a view!

The very moment I stepped in to the Junior Museum & Zoo, where they introduce alternative energy in to Kids toys in Palo Alto, California, my eyes were wide OPEN.

I could not believe how brilliant the Idea and the place is.

The place is around 1000 squire feet indoor setting. They made small green city with miniature houses and gardens. The city setting has connected with bicycle wheels with pedals. When kids were paddling the whole city, brighten up with light and small water fountains.

Green CityI noticed there were many organic playing devices for children. Kids were happy like any thing. I hope that one day we all have the houses with big wheel out side, for all of our energy need. I noticed a wall with color full paper note. What would been written on the note? Before asking question to my self, I found my self in front of the wall. I amazed by reading those small notes written by kids playing there. They had written all short of energy saving ideas. The plan and work they are doing to make the planet greener.

Kids from different ethnicity were so busy with discovering the alternative possibilities of their toys, forgetting their Video games and TV at home .The only expression in their face, I can read is” DO NOT DISTURB ME”

However, while I was trying to catch the warmth and vibe of the place by written words, unbelievable one small girl with little pink dress surprised me by asking” Can you read this book for me?” I replied,” This is my pleasure”. Now I am no more a stranger for her because I am belongs to HER GREEN PLANET.

Happy reading.

Friends of Earth!

Crackling noise of breaking a coke can make my eyes turn around the direction of the noise source. I was in the gas station putting fuel in my car. I found one old lady lost herself inside of a garbage container, searching for Aluminum cans and bottles,which are not welcome in our earth surface anymore. We (all of us right?)  have raise our voice for Global worming already. But again who are throwing those harmful plastics and metals (not me..not me too..then who?).

I wanted to show my admiration to the old lady for her work. After all she is the one who is collecting them and contributing towards making the Earth a safe place or in other word adding some more years to our Earth Life for future use. By the time I found myself in front of her,she was still busy in her work. Her white hair and wrinkled skin was quietly telling me her years of experience of recycling material from outside garbage, which is dangerous too.

I politely admire her by saying , Madam-you are doing a great job. She threw at me a blank look and did not say anything. It seems like she did not understand what I just said or she do not care. I said her again(this time I am conscious about to convey my feelings towards her) -"This is a good thing that you are recycling the cans and plastics". She simply replayed me back"I am getting money by selling them".
Now I could not stop myself from asking her again how much money she is making from one container?.
Its seems like she wanted to give me some of her real information,”she said more then Five Dollar from one garbage container”. Great! I said. But do you know you are a true friend of our planet earth?.

I don't know whether she took my appreciation for her or not but I do not like to disturb her any more. We can find these earth friendly people all most every Country. I simply admiring them by saying Thank you.

Feel free to write comments in this blog,If you know any one who is knowingly or unknowingly contributing to make the Earth live longer.
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