The City

A shop in Haight-Ashbury (Hippies are long gone but this area is maintaining the culture as it was around 1960
                                                             A mural on the wall of famous Balmy Alley

                  Mission Dolores Founded on June 29, 1776 (The oldest church in San Francisco) This building witness the California Gold Rush and the San Francisco earthquake.


                                                                     Evening mood of the City.
We are almost at the last part of the summer so quickly, that past three month was accelerated bit first in my life. Mild cold was reminding me I have left my jacket at home. Who cares.
The fog, the clouds and the almighty is busy creating the stage for Fall to dance on it. It's San Francesco.
The energy of the city was on it's high and even though I visited from a suburb it took a minute to evolve in to the city ambiance. That's I like about San Francisco. No stranger feeling.

The melting pot of Art and Technology inclines the city towards new innovations. There are more then dozens of software company responsible for new innovations almost every field of human beings day-to day life. Actually, someone can see those visionary, dreamer and artists walking down the street.

Even though I am not too fanatical about murals, but I do admire the rich colors and deep thought behind each art. As morning slide down to noon, we went to the famous Balmy Alley. The Alley is famous for murals on it's wall. The painting are beautiful, thoughtful with positive messages to spread. Mostly about peace and global warming.

Their was an authentic Mexican restaurant located near the alley, that serves genuinely authentic Tacos. The fresh cooking small from their open kitchen was overpowering the whole place and spreads to the alley. We followed the irresistible smell and end of having their Tacos. Warm corn tortillas filled with spicy chicken that accompany with fresh lime and diced onion. The warm tacos absorbed some of the grilled chicken juice, that made them melting in my mouth. Well, it was simply the best Tacos I ever had.

We covered couple of other places in the city in the same day, after our lunch. I wish I could share some more picture and my own observation on the city, but I think it's enough for this time.

As the summer is almost ending and the nights are getting longer, I hope to get extra time to write and finish some of my important work. But twenty-four hours is the maximum we all can get and how to use them? It's a math.

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