Chico! A place I love.

Downtown, Chico

Downtown Chico, Ca (First day of Spring)

Cloud covered mountain

Freight Train crawling down like a caterpilar on a green leaf

I realized it's been a long time I have not written a word. My job took me to this place where I have employed most of my time and best energy towards making my assignment perfect. Now what.

Weekend came with it's unique glory with tons of ambition that sprouted in my mind to spend the weekend like a long vacation. How to invest each moment towards fulfilling my desire to relax. My way of relaxing is to see the earth as it was and as it is while walking down street or in a long drive with my dearest husband and talking non stop about my precious ambitions and my precise effort  to achieve at least one of those.

The power to moving forward and make most out of everything is a distinctive characterstic of mankind. I am amazed in the fact that there are still some fortunate places mankind has forgoton to impliment his brillient ideas of making most out of it. I seemed surprised by this brilliently green patch that spreads miles without any abstruction blocking my view to see the horization. In simple words the City is surrounded by the luxury and comfort of nature. Drive down two miles from the city center... you will discover yorself again and again until you find oneness between the brain and soul.

I must say that I am gladly enjoying my work with my geeky colleagues who holds superb sense of humor.

Wish you all a lovely weelkend...
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