It's Spring

                                          Dandelion  seed head
I believe this Dandelion would already disappear in the air as I am writing now. I took the picture week ago.

                                 Many dandelion seed head

Possibly this is the last dandelion seed head picture for the season.  The dandelion flower head can change into white globular seed head overnight. The life-cycle  of this flower is amazing. It's a common believe that if you blow the dandelion seed head in air, your wish will full fill.  Lets pick a Dandelion..make a wish..blow the seeds in air.

Bright sun shine has taken over the cloudy sky. Last couple of weeks the weather has been wonderful. As I am writing this,  the days work of the sun has over. But it's not dark yet. I am glad that I have landed on this beautiful planet where the fresh air, now a days smells like smelling a scented flower up-close.

                     Cherry Blossom are every where

 These are little late bloomer, but don't worry they are coming soon.

While taking the above picture I was thinking about myself, I born as a premature baby at seven and half month. I learned to walk and talk little late.

      Today, I found this fellow was quite serious about driving.

Happy Spring and have a lovely weekend.

A creative week!

                                            Paper Crane

After continuous downpour in California,  I believe, it's hard to say that this state had been experiencing drought over more than four years. The colors of the plains and  mountains have converted into pleasant green, the tall green grass and wild flowers have made their appearance everywhere and of course the fresh mud on sidewalks made me think like a child once again

Recently Corner Home was hijacked. I am not sure whether you have experienced the same with your blog or website? I was trying to add a blogger gadget in the blog called nature sound machine which I believe was the source of the problem. I tried to open my blog and after five seconds it redirected to other sites. It was frustrating. I removed the HTML code for that gadget from edit HTML option in the Layout page. The problem solved. I am glad to find the blog back.

As I have mentioned the week was creative, I managed myself towards recycling old news papers into paper bags. I made couple of bags. Also, I think origami is creative enough to do once in a while. I tried to make some paper cranes. I found by folding the papers and making something out of it is also relaxing.
                       Old News Paper Bags
The week has been proved itself a creative week. My hubby also made his effort to make his old computer server super quiet. The server was making lots of noise. Yes Lots. He used a plastic sheet and made a passage from the fans to the processor.
The fans are meant for cooling the server. Also he replaced the fans into more quieter fans. So, Now the server is super quite. So, I can say the noise pollution is gone.
                                      Server Air Duct

                                    Server with the air duct

Sometimes, we plan for something, but nothing works according to the plans. Rather something very different happened to our favor.

San Francisco-The most eco-friendly city

                         Sculpture of the lady, San Francisco

Last week I had a chance to visit to San Francisco city. Although the temperature was a bit low but still I had encountered a moderately sunny day. The city has always something new for me even sometimes the same old Albert S Samuels Clock build in 1915. This land mark on Market St. looks like a new discovery for me, even though I have been seeing that clock as a land mark, twenty times. I called it San Francisco vibe. This time I noticed a brand new landmark, A huge sculpture of a lady had been installed up at Linden. The art had been made using recycled iron rod, chain and wire. It was quite an experience, watching such a huge art work that was so perfectly made. My every visit brings me joy or something new to think about. The old houses with astonishing  colors, the Art and architecture.... amazing.

Being the most eco-friendly city in the world, no wonder its been the most green city, dominated by the nature. The city has abundant opportunity for artists, art lovers and someone like me, who appreciate everything, surprises at its every corner. Most of all every kind of Arts and architectures feels at home here. I too feel comfortable here, so it's a indication of me being artist at my heart. who knows some day I might would be a Sculpture artist, may be at my old age.

                                   Ocean Beach, San Francisco

After around four miles west in Geary blvd. there is a  beautiful beach called Ocean Beach. This particular beach attracts many surfers, because of its strong current. I had my lunch there while enjoying the sky and the sea without anything in between.

My eyes captured many historical as well as newly constructed  churches in the city. I found the architecture were amazing and so as the art and design ware eye catching. I am planning another new post about those churches in San Francisco.

                                              Trolley Bus
Spider wave like electrical wire, up above the head, used for Trolley buses in San Francisco. The city itself has largest no. of Trolley buses. These buses are entirely pollution free and quieter. I noticed many more two wheelers, as a comfortable medium for transportation.

San Francisco city people prefers to walk a lot, love to use alternate energy source and  serious about recycling/reuse . The city contains largest city-owned  solar insulation in entire US/Canada. All of the local peoples contribution and tourist understanding made it one of the most greenest and eco-friendly city in the US.

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