A creative week!

                                            Paper Crane

After continuous downpour in California,  I believe, it's hard to say that this state had been experiencing drought over more than four years. The colors of the plains and  mountains have converted into pleasant green, the tall green grass and wild flowers have made their appearance everywhere and of course the fresh mud on sidewalks made me think like a child once again

Recently Corner Home was hijacked. I am not sure whether you have experienced the same with your blog or website? I was trying to add a blogger gadget in the blog called nature sound machine which I believe was the source of the problem. I tried to open my blog and after five seconds it redirected to other sites. It was frustrating. I removed the HTML code for that gadget from edit HTML option in the Layout page. The problem solved. I am glad to find the blog back.

As I have mentioned the week was creative, I managed myself towards recycling old news papers into paper bags. I made couple of bags. Also, I think origami is creative enough to do once in a while. I tried to make some paper cranes. I found by folding the papers and making something out of it is also relaxing.
                       Old News Paper Bags
The week has been proved itself a creative week. My hubby also made his effort to make his old computer server super quiet. The server was making lots of noise. Yes Lots. He used a plastic sheet and made a passage from the fans to the processor.
The fans are meant for cooling the server. Also he replaced the fans into more quieter fans. So, Now the server is super quite. So, I can say the noise pollution is gone.
                                      Server Air Duct

                                    Server with the air duct

Sometimes, we plan for something, but nothing works according to the plans. Rather something very different happened to our favor.


NT said...

Sorry to hear about the the hijack :( .. you have a wonderful blog - I enjoyed reading some of the articles,

Lipika Mohapatra said...

Hello NT,
I am delighted with your compliment.
Thank you.

Lita C. Malicdem said...

Sorry to hear about the problem, thanks it was readily repaired by you! You really are creative! Such awesome samples here. Enjoyed the first article I read. Be back for more. Thanks for stopping by.

Lipika Mohapatra said...

Hello Lita,I am glad that you liked it.
Take care.

LissaMe said...

thanks for stopping by my blog commenting me. Glad you like my windchime. Your paper bags are awesome. What a great green idea. Love it.

Aakash Gupta said...

Warm Greetings!

Today, I visit your website and after reading your blog i realize that it is very informative. I'm highly impressed to see the comprehensive resources being offered by your site.

Thanks and Regards

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