A Beautiful Place!

Probably hand painted plant pot that were I spotted on the old house in the Meyer's Garden, East Bay

                                    Chandelier or Candle holder? but beautiful (in the Meyer's House)

Meyer's House (East Bay Park) The garden and the outdoor seating is amazing.

 This is the coolest place on the earth

We got the wonderful opportunity to volunteer in this Meyer's Estate Dry Creek Gardens, last Saturday. It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and company of other volunteers was an amazing experience.

Roosters, hens and peacock and bunch of pigs are the proud residence of the garden. They are hospitable and tolerance to outsiders like us. I found many old and beautiful furniture, decorations, that have still the old charm and some story to tell that obviously I don't know. Just imagining how the place and the cottage could be a peaceful as will as vibrant place for the Meyer sisters who dedicate their life for social work and at the end donate the place to the park.

Here is a link you can read about the garden and it's history.
About the Garden

Wish you all a lovely week ahead.


My childhood's secret desire

                                              These little branches of flower almost touching the Sky.


To write novels. I still could not understand why?

When I was in 3rd grade I had a close friend two year younger then me. Among our many combined activities,  reading comic books to her was the favorite one. My father is a voracious reader and he never was too tired to read me a book, before going to bed. "The Phantom" and "Mandrake, The Magician", both were in the top list. And both written by the same writer. While reading comic books to my little friend, if there is a hard difficult sentence,  I tells the story from the illustration. But either case she thinks I am reading to her line by line. As long as reader and listener both are excited and walk with the story or with the writers mind, recognizing the words really not matter in high.

As I entered in high school I was not into stories, busy with school home work instead. but I remember I had never enjoyed Television.Those programs were too boring for me since my imagination was too colorful. I found myself deeply planning and thinking about writing a novel. On the back-end I was reading a lot and enjoy being lost incorporating my imagination, into stories.

When I was in High-school, started writing stories."Ghost" was my first published story. My best instant adviser was my older brother, who knows everything. I asked him how to approach the editor. He guided; just include a letter with the story and mention how you liked their magazine so much. Simply tell them they are the best. I did as instructed. It worked. After 15 day I got a free magazine with my story published. Then I wrote to another kids magazine.

This time the story name was "Two Cheater". Success. I got a free magazine once again. But I was not super delighted or something close to that. It's all because the burning desire for writing novels was too high, I overlooked the small success.
I remember I choose a name after "Gautama Buddha's" name, for my novel. I don't have any idea again why that specific name. But was not interested to writing for kids. May be I was too philosophical at my age.

I wrote some more children stories and notice them published. Then I tried writing stories about the problem in the society. Like unemployment and economical inferiority complex. In my first year of college I got a letter from a news paper editor that they liked my story about an unemployed guy and his feelings. They are going to published it. With that they mentioned, I should take my studies seriously though. Even though I don't like the second part but the letter was a big achievement. Really huge. I repeats the letter many time, slide my finger gently on the handwriting to feel it. Fresh from publisher. Eventually the letter got a place under my pillow that same night. I felt satisfied indeed.

Time past so fast before I realizing it. I was busy with studies and other hubbies. In the mean time, pursuing my desire to write novels had been omitted unintentionally. May be because writing novels was only my childhood desire.

Now after a lot of years, I discovered that writing was not just my childhood desire, it was my sole's prime purpose. While liberating myself, flying through the wings of letters recently wrote a children novel. It's a long process to see it published. Happy for now!

 Keep writing!
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