Halloween-My Experience!

The name of the Apartment was Broadmoor, in Minnesota. Surrounded by tall trees some of them were maple. They were hibernating to face the frozen lonely winter. I arrived to The Broadmoor at the middle of the Minnesota winter, where some days, the wind chill falls dangerously low, which was enough to turned your finger blue in a minute. It was my first snowy winter experience in Minnesota. I watches those trees form my big bay view window on fourth floor, which was apparently the last floor. After my Hubby left for the office and in between my house works. I was new to the country and newly married. I felt like, I got a fever which called new. The air even seemed new to me.

The Broadmoor mostly occupied by retired old tenants. It was a comfortable living arrangement with library in the Third floor and indoor swimming pool, a green house where you can get your hands dirty. Each floor decorated by good looking chairs with foot rest, conference tables, artificial trees in between the settings and beautiful curtains, which obviously was giving a rich look to the Broodmore, from inside. Outside...
But still, there was something unseen, unexplained fear building inside me in my own apartment. I tried to get outside as many times as I could, I would or  even I went to my husbands office with him in the excuse to get out from the apartment. But at the nights. Me again stuck in that six-hundred square feet apartment.

Thump...Thump...Thump...A thumping noise interrupted us around 12 o'clock at night. The source was from the roof top. My husband said teasing me," ghost!... trying to enter through the roof top, because no one can enter without a key to the apartment building". He added in a ghostly voice," It is called secured apartment".

The teasing was frightening enough since I had been already developed sufficient amount of fear about the apartment. Next day...the noise arrived at same time...another day passed...

We talked about the noise on the dinner. On the phone. On a drive. With friends. It eventually, get qualified for our hot discussion list.
We went to the twenty four hour manager office which was in the first floor and asked her about the noise. She looked at us with wide eye raised eyebrow. Then said, an old lady died in your apartment, before you moved in. That was it.

It's now my turn to raised the eyebrow. She added," may be her ghost is still there, but, she was not a trouble maker and nothing to worry about it". We eventually moved from that apartment to a more open and brighter one. But, I am still unsure about the ghost of the old lady or its my inner feelings about the fever called new.

Happy Halloween to everyone.

Literacy Celebration!

                                Children Books-20 Cent  and Videos-50 Cent

                                                     Free Balloons with a logo "Read, Learn, Write"

Books, Cotton Candies, Free Balloons, Popcorn and Puppet show! We got it all, at our local library in the last day of summer literacy celebration. Kids were whirling at the booths like honey bees at the flower.
Oh..! I did not mention, they were having face painting too. The glittery butterfly was the most common one all most every kids had on their cheeks.

The balloons had logos on it "Read, Learn, Write", the traditional and effective mantra to achieve knowledge. There is not any short cut. At least, until now.

Grownups were even more amused then ever, by resting their eyes on the books they liked. Paperbacks were one dollar. Who cares Borders, at least for some time.
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