Snow in Bay Area?

                                                                Salt deposit or snow?

Snow in September, in Bay Area! Impossible. This is just the salt deposit on stones.This beautiful shore appears on highway 84 on Dumbarton Bridge my way to work. Today I could not resist taking pictures. I was even hoping to get handful of sea salt. But I realized that real salt was bit far from my reach.

This area is always windy and if you are a bird watcher it's a fairly good spot. The birds will disappear soon after noon and comes back again in the evening. Their usual schedule. And the white salt lining can visible only this time of the year. When water label decreased and evaporated.

                                                                   Dumbarton Bridge

Not much to say. But continuous hot and warm days have been a bit frustrating. No indication of colder air flowing towards the Bay Area. Hope to get some rain soon.

Have a lovely week ahead and drive home safe.
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