Happy Holidays!


                                                     ...and more Yellow!!!
Nothing is more welcoming then the trees are showering the shiny golden leaves at this time of the year. It looks marvelous indeed. We are already in the door step of new year.

I had a goal to complete a children website and lunch in Dec 2010. Sadly enough I have not reached the goal yet. Well, on my defense I can convince myself that I am on the track. But I know, that is an excuse. I am stuck in searching a domain name and also some legal part. I was assuming that the domain name part is the easiest one but having a real hard time finding one. Its seems like any name I touched are already taken.

I learned the lesson in a hard way that "the most easy job in the planet is really hard".

Happy Holidays! to you all and please wish me luck for finding a domain name!!


                                                                   Soaked dry-leafs

Last Sunday we got rain. A lot. The raindrops were huge. It was windy. Muddy too. An opening the door a slight, could dominants your presence with flash of wind with microscopic water particles. Feeling of moist and little wet, not bad at all. Rainwater had been streaming down the street, with dry lives and god knows what else. But one thing for sure, a virtual water park had been created within my visual distance.

Have a lovely weekend!

Halloween-My Experience!

The name of the Apartment was Broadmoor, in Minnesota. Surrounded by tall trees some of them were maple. They were hibernating to face the frozen lonely winter. I arrived to The Broadmoor at the middle of the Minnesota winter, where some days, the wind chill falls dangerously low, which was enough to turned your finger blue in a minute. It was my first snowy winter experience in Minnesota. I watches those trees form my big bay view window on fourth floor, which was apparently the last floor. After my Hubby left for the office and in between my house works. I was new to the country and newly married. I felt like, I got a fever which called new. The air even seemed new to me.

The Broadmoor mostly occupied by retired old tenants. It was a comfortable living arrangement with library in the Third floor and indoor swimming pool, a green house where you can get your hands dirty. Each floor decorated by good looking chairs with foot rest, conference tables, artificial trees in between the settings and beautiful curtains, which obviously was giving a rich look to the Broodmore, from inside. Outside...
But still, there was something unseen, unexplained fear building inside me in my own apartment. I tried to get outside as many times as I could, I would or  even I went to my husbands office with him in the excuse to get out from the apartment. But at the nights. Me again stuck in that six-hundred square feet apartment.

Thump...Thump...Thump...A thumping noise interrupted us around 12 o'clock at night. The source was from the roof top. My husband said teasing me," ghost!... trying to enter through the roof top, because no one can enter without a key to the apartment building". He added in a ghostly voice," It is called secured apartment".

The teasing was frightening enough since I had been already developed sufficient amount of fear about the apartment. Next day...the noise arrived at same time...another day passed...

We talked about the noise on the dinner. On the phone. On a drive. With friends. It eventually, get qualified for our hot discussion list.
We went to the twenty four hour manager office which was in the first floor and asked her about the noise. She looked at us with wide eye raised eyebrow. Then said, an old lady died in your apartment, before you moved in. That was it.

It's now my turn to raised the eyebrow. She added," may be her ghost is still there, but, she was not a trouble maker and nothing to worry about it". We eventually moved from that apartment to a more open and brighter one. But, I am still unsure about the ghost of the old lady or its my inner feelings about the fever called new.

Happy Halloween to everyone.

Literacy Celebration!

                                Children Books-20 Cent  and Videos-50 Cent

                                                     Free Balloons with a logo "Read, Learn, Write"

Books, Cotton Candies, Free Balloons, Popcorn and Puppet show! We got it all, at our local library in the last day of summer literacy celebration. Kids were whirling at the booths like honey bees at the flower.
Oh..! I did not mention, they were having face painting too. The glittery butterfly was the most common one all most every kids had on their cheeks.

The balloons had logos on it "Read, Learn, Write", the traditional and effective mantra to achieve knowledge. There is not any short cut. At least, until now.

Grownups were even more amused then ever, by resting their eyes on the books they liked. Paperbacks were one dollar. Who cares Borders, at least for some time.

Morning Walk With Nature!

The smell of hot tea is soothing. My eyes are still watery. It's 5 o' clock in the morning. Usually I don't get up so early. That's my little luxury, may be a lot . But this morning I had decided to go for a walk, early. The morning breeze was smelling like an unknown Chinese herbal tea that you could not figure out the exact smell but loved it. Besides the morning breeze there ware many things caught my attention. I met with a squirrel, who was almost lost in the process of opening a nutshell in the middle of the road. I noticed a lovely Weathercock on the roof of a cute empty seasonal shop, I vaguely had noticed it before though.

Most probably, by preparing their wooden stove, crews of neighborhood burger shop were getting ready for their early bird customers. The woody smoke had been coming out from the chimney, creating a environment of food is ready, what more you want.

As I walked by passing tall trees, bushes and wild poppies on the side walk, finally I decided to spend sometime seating on the frosted grass of Gurudwara Indian sikh Temple. Since it has been on an up-hill, the morning mood of the town can be viewable.

It felt like, layer of morning clouds, the lonely roads and everything else around has freshly woke up after a good night sleep.

I returned back with a refreshment of mind and body. It was the best walk, I can say without any doubt.

Happy Fall, every one!


                         "Remember Me", "On Writing", "The Girls Who Loved Tom Gordon"
I received my books yesterday by mail. These had been in my wish list, while talking to my husband I had mentioned last week. Wish full filled. He was kind enough to place the order, and surprised me.

I had first introduced to Laura Hendrie's "Remember Me" at our local library. While surfing in the bookshelf, I touched the very first book remember me. Subconsciously I had been started reading. And reading...

Other two I got are Stephen King's " On Writing", and " The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon".
Let me know which book you are reading.

The Looks...

It's been a very hot and humid week here in California. And I must say it is even harder for this little kitty who has born here in the gap of the fence. There were three of them, but I discovered only one, since the other two are adopted by local kids. They have a unique ability of recognizing the trust, between them and the human being. Even though born being homeless I noticed they are very self respected. Of course they love to have milk, but only after using all their charms and tricks. And after developing a reasonable amount of reasons and excuses for me to love them.

In fact they don't know and they will never know that I fell in love with them, at first sight. As I am writing this post the last kitty in the picture has been adopted by a kid already.

 Have a wonderful weekend.

A Lovely Break!

    The final goodbye between colorful seeds and dry grass. Meet again on next summer.

There was not any defined propose for my sudden zipping down, towards the nearby trail. But to closely observe the vanishing summer and slowing down my regular working process, might be an appropriate answer. Earlier this week I have been realizing that juggling between Ideas, talent, goals and work simply produce nothing but severe back-pain and one more thing to add is, seating in a wrong posture for many hours in-front of the laptop, is calling another disaster. So, I took a break.

Soon after I reached the nearby trail (my all time favorite spot). I realized that it's about to get dark soon. I was anticipating a little music from the geese band resides in the nearest lake that accompany great with the chirping of home bound birds. As I walked down towards the lake, the dominating view of waving water with reflecting sun rays, was waiting for me. I gladly encountered a perfect light and sound show from the nature.

I decided to come down here frequently, for the sake of a perfectly lovely break.

Andaman Islands!

                                                       One of the remote beaches in Andaman Island (India)
It may look like the surface of Mars, but this is one of the many spectacular beaches in Andaman Island (India). Dead and live corals have swept away from the sea because of the tide.

Ah.. it's lovely here, at this beach. The whole time I was there, I passed over all the happenings in my life. Feeling the wet sand, touching corals, colorful stones or live seashells, no wonder I was well enough in myself. I wondered if I could remotely work from here. But this is practically impractical. So with a positive force, I had to pulled myself back to the civilization, with as many pictures as I could take for my memory. 

 Some of my findings from the beach. There is strict rule that no one can take any of these. So I took the picture and left the seashells there.

Native people (Jarawa) are still living in those Islands without the sensitive skins of modern civilization. They are self-content, believe and depend on nature. This tribe is under government protection and also hard to find them.

                    The method of drying Coconut in Andaman Island (Village Folks use this method)

Even though there is no real boundary between the coconut field, but the village folks know which tree belongs to whom. No one touches, if a coconut is lying down on the ground, except the owner of that tree.

    Even-though they resemble stones (those three together), they are not. In fact they are the seeds of some     kind of tree I found on the beach (Port Blair, India).

The boats are little bit different, as the balance is added to the boat by another wooden structure.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

My India!

                                                                 Sugar-Cane Juice seller

                                                                    Busy Traffic

                                                             Street Food on the fire
The truth is, even though there is noise pollution, in extreme, but there is a feeling of friendly vibe coexisting in the air. People are not missing a chance if there is any chance to talk, about their personal life or about anything. They are not rich and they are not even poor, in fact they had many things to offer me (among them a very well-coming smile and a feeling of me being one-of-them). There are slums and also high-rise buildings, pointing us every moment to think about the unfortunate people. If you walking down the street alone, but no need to feel lonely, is not it amazing?. There are temples all most every where reminding us about the omnipresence of God. This is India, the home of Vedic Culture.

                                                              A temple (Moon's north node)

On the other side, I heard a lot ( in fact a lot which was enough to irritate me)about classicism. But my simple question is where were those class people even four years ago?.
In my understanding Class is some thing which relates to Education (not one time degree but continue learning, reading), intellect, Human value, Moral value,Honesty... so on. I believe, Class is not a low hanging fruit. It will take generations to achieve. 
The worse matter is, There are many so called class people who has only one thing to talk, that is how much money they spend on their daughter's marriage or how many property they bought recently. I met with many self-praising personality and mothers who are still talking about grabbing money from their daughter-in-laws parents or giving mental tension to the Daughter-in-law in the sake of jealousy. I heard people are talking about black money openly.

The bubble economy created many false classes with false confident that is not good for the Indian society, When I am seating in front of Google search, I feel like I know everything. Ask me about the history of Scots, I can tell something in a minute. But then, what about the history professor who invested all his time researching about the Scottish history??

                                           Vedic Gurus ( physicist, professor and highly intellectuals )

India is well known for it's vedic culture. It's not about reading books but more about having a positive philosophy and morals which would support the youth/new generations to craft their own path.
People who have real confident, dare to dream and work, is quitting from achieving their goal, the reason is lack of social support. Unfortunately, India is undergoing through a rough time in the society front, I guess.

Pictures from Calcutta

                                                                      An Old Building in Calcutta

They are color fade, cracked and socked in rain water.  They are the old buildings in Calcutta. For the sake of serving the owner, they are creating a mixed habitat of human being and plants.

I was searching for those criss-cross tram lines with red bricks roads, in Calcutta. Unfortunately, I could not find one. They rebuild the road and remove the bricks.

                                     Live Chicken-in-the-basket


 They use this basket for the transportation propose of the live chicken, I guess.

Threads of thought

                                                          Bird of paradise flower (Strelitzia)

It all starts, while I was walking, with my occasional companion called thoughts. The mind was defused with threads of unrelated thoughts; like the future of India, current air crash or about the dinner tonight, so on. I tried to concentrate on a single thought but could not succeed. But then, visualization dominants over the thoughts as I perceived this Bird-of- paradise flower, through the corner of my eyes, on the sidewalk.

I could not stop myself taking the picture. The colors and beauty of the flower, entirely took over my mind. Now, miraculously, my thread of thoughts disappeared as it converted into a single thought, that is visualizing the flower in the computer monitor. They say, visualization helps in concentration, that is so true.

Dear readers, I am vising to India on sixth of next month and also I am going to have an opportunity to visit Andaman and Nicobar Island in the same trip. So, no wonder it would be a very exciting and full of activity trip. But I am going to bring many pictures and tales to talk about.

San Francisco-The most eco-friendly city(Part-2)

                               Palace of fine Art,  Build in 1915 and re-build in 1960 (San Francisco)

                                              Designed by Bernard Ralph  An brilliant architect

                                                                       A Slice (Palace of Fine Arts)

Time really travels quickly as the first quarter of the year has already passed. There is not much change within us,  may be little wiser as the days passes by. It's somewhat like we are seating in a train that is not moving, as the train of time's passes us leaving a feeling of our movement. This allows my mind to think about 'Theory of relativity'.

Well, I had visited to San Francisco once again today. Now, being tired in a good way, I am excited to share my discovery of spectacular arts and architectures in San Francisco, that I obsessed love about. The traffic was not bad and the weather was quite delightful.

At first I went to The Palace of fine Arts in Lion Street. It was build for the completion of Panama Canal; but for the city it was a opportunity to showcase the recovery from the 1906 earthquake. The city is blessed for its survival of any kind of disaster and achieves the respect of many scholars around the world. San Francisco is a brilliant example of a stage where past and present play in the same time.  

                                                                 Pillars of Palace of Fine Arts

                                                             St. Ignatius Church (Built in 1912)

Its seems like the above pillars are similar to those in Palace of fine Arts. In fact the colors are a exact match too. I guess around year 1900, the major parts of the architectural designs ware based on visible high pillars, contrary to the architectures of now-a -days based on geometrical shape.

                                                                A Sculpture on Market St

While returning back home I spent sometime contemplating the difference between old architecture and modern architecture. The first question arises in my mind was, is it just a matter of changing tastes and materials? or the human quest of creating something different (out of box)?

                                                                                A view from a hilly street

I perceived San Francisco city as an open art gallery, where all kinds of artists (architect, designer...) never feel tired of displaying their priceless creations. The people are always eager to admire those creations.

Take care until next time more of San Francisco.
San Francisco The Most-eco-friendly city- Part-1

My Humble Respect To All Mothers....

                     She is a beautiful self taught singer and she is blind.

and women who are wearing the ornament of good nature. I believe it's precious than diamonds.                           
                                                  Happy Mother's Day

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where's the warm smile is?

While traveling back every Friday from my workplace by bus about hundred miles and then by train another hundred, she used to appear in the Bus like a ray of sunshine caring the spring around her. She wears colorful hats that made out of flowers and feathers. And if she is not there my eyes stay busy searching for her. She knows the two bus drivers and their families very well. She asks, what is wrong if one driver in that route is off.  She always takes the right side first seat near to the driver and I usually take the seat behind the driver.

She talks about  how her mother died long ago by a hit and run driver, how she is saving money to visit her old father. How she  herself learn to sing. She also talks about election and craw fish. I quietly join with the conversation. She never complains of anything. She sings on the local farmers market around the route.

Ultimately, though some events live on only in memories. But then, couple of weeks ago my eyes captured her in our local farmer's market. I had heard her voice before in the bus and I heard her singing in the market. I always found her voice is comforting enough like my favorite desert made by my Mom or soft breeze slowly playing with my hair..

Here is the beautiful poetry that Blessed Mother Teresa had on the wall in her room in Calcutta.

                                                          -The  Final Analysis-

 People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered;

...Forgive them anyway!

 If you are kind,people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives;

...Be kind anyway!

If you are successful,you will win some false friends and some true enemies;

...Succeed anyway!

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;

...Be honest and frank anyway!

What you spend years building,someone could destroy overnight;

 ...Build anyway!

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous;

...Be happy anyway!

The good you do today, people often forget tomorrow;

...Do good anyway! 

Give the world the best you have, It may never be enough;

...Give the world the best you got anyway! 

You see in the final analysis, it is between you and god;

...It was never between you and them anyway.


                                         Jamestown, ca

Thinking about a trip to somewhere after a long gap, is surely exciting. I planned early on Saturday morning by making-sure  everything is ready; all basic needs for traveling. A friend of my husband also joined with our fun adventures. Oh, I did not mention yet where we are heading. It's the historic Jamestown (California) around  two hour east from San Francisco. This town was famous for it's gold mining  back in California gold-rush time 1849. As of today it's famous for being historic and  providing opportunity for visitors to time-travel back in the history and feel how it was back then. And of course try our luck in finding real gold.

                                 Main st. sidewalk (Jamestown)

                 The shop for buying equipments for gold prospectors.

I spent most of the time just enjoying the mood of the town and trying to merge myself into the soul of the whole place. I guess the city has become much quieter now as compared to the booming time back in 1849. The miners, their families, the dreams and the hopes, how it would have been when they are all together.  Booms come and go, just like tides in the oceans. But the cities stays to tells their never ending stories.

 Gold prospectors are busy digging and experiencing outdoor exercise too.

I enjoyed the company of many new friends. Amazingly, I experienced a real 'no stranger' feeling. Also patience is very important when it comes to finding Gold or anything which is precious in life.

Nevertheless, it was a spectacular early morning with anticipation of finding gold as well as digging a little deeper into the history and a satisfying evening as I thoroughly enjoyed myself just pottering about.

Happy Earth Day to you all my dear readers.

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