Threads of thought

                                                          Bird of paradise flower (Strelitzia)

It all starts, while I was walking, with my occasional companion called thoughts. The mind was defused with threads of unrelated thoughts; like the future of India, current air crash or about the dinner tonight, so on. I tried to concentrate on a single thought but could not succeed. But then, visualization dominants over the thoughts as I perceived this Bird-of- paradise flower, through the corner of my eyes, on the sidewalk.

I could not stop myself taking the picture. The colors and beauty of the flower, entirely took over my mind. Now, miraculously, my thread of thoughts disappeared as it converted into a single thought, that is visualizing the flower in the computer monitor. They say, visualization helps in concentration, that is so true.

Dear readers, I am vising to India on sixth of next month and also I am going to have an opportunity to visit Andaman and Nicobar Island in the same trip. So, no wonder it would be a very exciting and full of activity trip. But I am going to bring many pictures and tales to talk about.


Zindagii Live! said...

Pictures are really soothing..

Waiting for pictures from Andaman Islands...

Have a great visit to India..I will be going in August

Nan said...

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Have a great day.

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