San Francisco-The most eco-friendly city(Part-2)

                               Palace of fine Art,  Build in 1915 and re-build in 1960 (San Francisco)

                                              Designed by Bernard Ralph  An brilliant architect

                                                                       A Slice (Palace of Fine Arts)

Time really travels quickly as the first quarter of the year has already passed. There is not much change within us,  may be little wiser as the days passes by. It's somewhat like we are seating in a train that is not moving, as the train of time's passes us leaving a feeling of our movement. This allows my mind to think about 'Theory of relativity'.

Well, I had visited to San Francisco once again today. Now, being tired in a good way, I am excited to share my discovery of spectacular arts and architectures in San Francisco, that I obsessed love about. The traffic was not bad and the weather was quite delightful.

At first I went to The Palace of fine Arts in Lion Street. It was build for the completion of Panama Canal; but for the city it was a opportunity to showcase the recovery from the 1906 earthquake. The city is blessed for its survival of any kind of disaster and achieves the respect of many scholars around the world. San Francisco is a brilliant example of a stage where past and present play in the same time.  

                                                                 Pillars of Palace of Fine Arts

                                                             St. Ignatius Church (Built in 1912)

Its seems like the above pillars are similar to those in Palace of fine Arts. In fact the colors are a exact match too. I guess around year 1900, the major parts of the architectural designs ware based on visible high pillars, contrary to the architectures of now-a -days based on geometrical shape.

                                                                A Sculpture on Market St

While returning back home I spent sometime contemplating the difference between old architecture and modern architecture. The first question arises in my mind was, is it just a matter of changing tastes and materials? or the human quest of creating something different (out of box)?

                                                                                A view from a hilly street

I perceived San Francisco city as an open art gallery, where all kinds of artists (architect, designer...) never feel tired of displaying their priceless creations. The people are always eager to admire those creations.

Take care until next time more of San Francisco.
San Francisco The Most-eco-friendly city- Part-1


Pete said...

lovely capture of the pillars

Andy D said...

Just stopped by from I wanted to say hi and I really like the pictures in this post.

Ana Cristina said...

Hi Lipika, thanks for your visit and comment left. Wish you a very happy and pleasant day!

Slonek Air Conditioning said...

Eco friendly city is the best part.There should be effort on other countries part to try and get a similar recognition.It is a concern of the day.

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