Happy Holidays!


                                                     ...and more Yellow!!!
Nothing is more welcoming then the trees are showering the shiny golden leaves at this time of the year. It looks marvelous indeed. We are already in the door step of new year.

I had a goal to complete a children website and lunch in Dec 2010. Sadly enough I have not reached the goal yet. Well, on my defense I can convince myself that I am on the track. But I know, that is an excuse. I am stuck in searching a domain name and also some legal part. I was assuming that the domain name part is the easiest one but having a real hard time finding one. Its seems like any name I touched are already taken.

I learned the lesson in a hard way that "the most easy job in the planet is really hard".

Happy Holidays! to you all and please wish me luck for finding a domain name!!

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solar panels for your home Paul said...

Lovely pics!!
Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays

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