My India!

                                                                 Sugar-Cane Juice seller

                                                                    Busy Traffic

                                                             Street Food on the fire
The truth is, even though there is noise pollution, in extreme, but there is a feeling of friendly vibe coexisting in the air. People are not missing a chance if there is any chance to talk, about their personal life or about anything. They are not rich and they are not even poor, in fact they had many things to offer me (among them a very well-coming smile and a feeling of me being one-of-them). There are slums and also high-rise buildings, pointing us every moment to think about the unfortunate people. If you walking down the street alone, but no need to feel lonely, is not it amazing?. There are temples all most every where reminding us about the omnipresence of God. This is India, the home of Vedic Culture.

                                                              A temple (Moon's north node)

On the other side, I heard a lot ( in fact a lot which was enough to irritate me)about classicism. But my simple question is where were those class people even four years ago?.
In my understanding Class is some thing which relates to Education (not one time degree but continue learning, reading), intellect, Human value, Moral value,Honesty... so on. I believe, Class is not a low hanging fruit. It will take generations to achieve. 
The worse matter is, There are many so called class people who has only one thing to talk, that is how much money they spend on their daughter's marriage or how many property they bought recently. I met with many self-praising personality and mothers who are still talking about grabbing money from their daughter-in-laws parents or giving mental tension to the Daughter-in-law in the sake of jealousy. I heard people are talking about black money openly.

The bubble economy created many false classes with false confident that is not good for the Indian society, When I am seating in front of Google search, I feel like I know everything. Ask me about the history of Scots, I can tell something in a minute. But then, what about the history professor who invested all his time researching about the Scottish history??

                                           Vedic Gurus ( physicist, professor and highly intellectuals )

India is well known for it's vedic culture. It's not about reading books but more about having a positive philosophy and morals which would support the youth/new generations to craft their own path.
People who have real confident, dare to dream and work, is quitting from achieving their goal, the reason is lack of social support. Unfortunately, India is undergoing through a rough time in the society front, I guess.


Vaudeville of exhilaration said...

India is a land that harbors people belonging to the list of top ten billionaires in the world and at the same time witness shameful ignorance...India is ready to imbibe the West's culture with respect to rock music n fancy dresses but is not ready to imbibe the practicality,intelligence and diligent attitute of the west.. That is Incredible India..With a positive note-hope people get the right attitude...

Melody said...

It is happening all over the world, which is in a constant state of flux. Big changes are on the way everywhere. I would like to see your India.

Lipika Mohapatra said...

Hello Vaudeville of exhilaration, I strongly believe India have potential to conquer in any field but I am also agree with your point, that is "people need to develop the right attitude".

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