Andaman Islands!

                                                       One of the remote beaches in Andaman Island (India)
It may look like the surface of Mars, but this is one of the many spectacular beaches in Andaman Island (India). Dead and live corals have swept away from the sea because of the tide.

Ah.. it's lovely here, at this beach. The whole time I was there, I passed over all the happenings in my life. Feeling the wet sand, touching corals, colorful stones or live seashells, no wonder I was well enough in myself. I wondered if I could remotely work from here. But this is practically impractical. So with a positive force, I had to pulled myself back to the civilization, with as many pictures as I could take for my memory. 

 Some of my findings from the beach. There is strict rule that no one can take any of these. So I took the picture and left the seashells there.

Native people (Jarawa) are still living in those Islands without the sensitive skins of modern civilization. They are self-content, believe and depend on nature. This tribe is under government protection and also hard to find them.

                    The method of drying Coconut in Andaman Island (Village Folks use this method)

Even though there is no real boundary between the coconut field, but the village folks know which tree belongs to whom. No one touches, if a coconut is lying down on the ground, except the owner of that tree.

    Even-though they resemble stones (those three together), they are not. In fact they are the seeds of some     kind of tree I found on the beach (Port Blair, India).

The boats are little bit different, as the balance is added to the boat by another wooden structure.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


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Ron said...

Wonderful article with beautiful pictures.

Ron said...

Wonderful article with beautiful photos.

Sri said...

Beautiful Pictures Lipika...wonderful blog....

Lipika Mohapatra said...

Hello Sri and Ron, Thank you.

Gini said...

I notice you have photographed some seeds which I also found on Havelock Island in Feb 2013,(pictured with the shell, three of them) it would be wonderful to identify them, any idea? I have also photographed and brought back some other wonderful seed pods which I cant identify...any help would be gratefully received ! BW Gini Trower

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