A Lovely Break!

    The final goodbye between colorful seeds and dry grass. Meet again on next summer.

There was not any defined propose for my sudden zipping down, towards the nearby trail. But to closely observe the vanishing summer and slowing down my regular working process, might be an appropriate answer. Earlier this week I have been realizing that juggling between Ideas, talent, goals and work simply produce nothing but severe back-pain and one more thing to add is, seating in a wrong posture for many hours in-front of the laptop, is calling another disaster. So, I took a break.

Soon after I reached the nearby trail (my all time favorite spot). I realized that it's about to get dark soon. I was anticipating a little music from the geese band resides in the nearest lake that accompany great with the chirping of home bound birds. As I walked down towards the lake, the dominating view of waving water with reflecting sun rays, was waiting for me. I gladly encountered a perfect light and sound show from the nature.

I decided to come down here frequently, for the sake of a perfectly lovely break.


Neus said...

Cute pic of the fly and the red and green plant!

Will said...

Really nice - I came to visit here through BlogFrog & would like to invite you to join Noaspa 2.0 at http://noaspa.blogspot.com/p/noaspa-20.html

Very best wishes from Hamburg


Lipika Mohapatra said...

Hello Will, Thank you.

Lipika Mohapatra said...

Hi Chris, I have no idea about the plant either. But the unusual seed like structure and color caught my attention. At least, now I got couple of names for that plant to search in Google or Wiki.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

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