Organic toys a view!

The very moment I stepped in to the Junior Museum & Zoo, where they introduce alternative energy in to Kids toys in Palo Alto, California, my eyes were wide OPEN.

I could not believe how brilliant the Idea and the place is.

The place is around 1000 squire feet indoor setting. They made small green city with miniature houses and gardens. The city setting has connected with bicycle wheels with pedals. When kids were paddling the whole city, brighten up with light and small water fountains.

Green CityI noticed there were many organic playing devices for children. Kids were happy like any thing. I hope that one day we all have the houses with big wheel out side, for all of our energy need. I noticed a wall with color full paper note. What would been written on the note? Before asking question to my self, I found my self in front of the wall. I amazed by reading those small notes written by kids playing there. They had written all short of energy saving ideas. The plan and work they are doing to make the planet greener.

Kids from different ethnicity were so busy with discovering the alternative possibilities of their toys, forgetting their Video games and TV at home .The only expression in their face, I can read is” DO NOT DISTURB ME”

However, while I was trying to catch the warmth and vibe of the place by written words, unbelievable one small girl with little pink dress surprised me by asking” Can you read this book for me?” I replied,” This is my pleasure”. Now I am no more a stranger for her because I am belongs to HER GREEN PLANET.

Happy reading.

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