I always thought ,why I have to see the big Redwood tree on my way to work which is standing proudly before one block from my office?. The answer I found for myself, I am trying to describe here in this post.
I believe the only answer for it is Connection. And connection can be in any form. Its depends on “how we connect”,”what is it we connect to”. Please correct me if I am wrong. But its the basic need in life. In our subconscious mind we all knows this. But we never thought about it deeply.

Last week I saw a small bird through my window. The next day my eyes were searching for that bird. The very moment I discovered the bird, I felt relieved. Again next day same thing happened. Then I hanged a Bird Feeder in front of my windows. That bird came with bunch of birds. And all help themselves by eating the grains from the bird feeder. Again I felt more satisfied and relaxed.

I understood very clearly that I am now connected with that bird . What is a connection actually. When I searched answer from my immature philosophical mind I found this:
Connection is a bridge you build slowly with one subject or object without their knowledge and you feel satisfied.

People often connects to a city, their Hometown, can be a place holds their childhood memories, a tree in their backyard, a Coffee shop, mom's best apple pie may be Jiaozi may be curry. The moment they connect, they want to preserve it.

If we connect (in a positive way) with everything around us, in other word, I can say more sensitive towards our surroundings, I hope the world will be a better and safe place for generations to come.



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