The Big Red Tomato

Weekend. Ah......Not really. Buying vegetable for the week, writing, studying........ all included with some extra sleep. Today morning I was on the fruits and vegetable farm where you can pick (u-pick) the vegetables by yourself. I was resting besides a small group of tomato plantation while observing others including my husband. The tomato plants were really big with yellow flower but no tomato had made their appearance yet.  

I heard a voice whispering "The Biig Red  Tomaatooo"

The voice was so crisp and motivating that it made my mind to think about eating big red tomato and also writing this post. I noticed a kid admiring the tomato plant in his way and he is the one who whispered.. the big red tomato.

However, by just watching the tomato "plant" with "flower" he imagines the Big red tomato's in the branch. How wonderful, hopeful, relevant and clear the imagination is?

Now my point is, there are countries where kids are learning how to use weapons instead of learning to read and write. Do they really need to use the weapons....for what propose...for whom? There are people who are programming kids mind in a negative way.

providing a hopeful environment they imagine better far better and I think by giving them the reverse of course,  the imagination would be opposite.

Have a great weekend!

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