Green Chaat!!!

Chaat is an Indian snack and famous street food in all over India. Different verity of Chaat can be available and typically its a plate of snack made with potato's, fried dough and spices(cumin, chili, coriander powder ..). Each and every mouthful of chaat has surprising test (its test sweet, sour may be hot, crunchy, salty... ) because of its layer with different spices and ingredients.
Green Chaat is my version. I tried the recipe many times. Its healthy, fun to make. The most fun part is you can change the recipe and it can be your version. There is no strict rule. Fun, testy, healthy, quick and easy.. what more we want?.
Now the real part....
What we need:
1) 1 cup of Sprouted Whole Mung (Green Gram)
3) 1 tsp of your choice of green olive or green mango
4) 1 small cucumber diced
5) Cilantro leaves (can be mint leaves, or basil leaves)
6) 1 tsp onion (thinly slice)
7) 1 tbsp Plain Yogurt
8) 1/2 tsp Chaat Masala or any seasoning you like
9) Salt, Pepper and lime juice for your taste.
*Chaat Masala can be available in any Indian grocery store.
Fry the Cumin seeds and dry Red Chili then grind them together. The end result would be perfect seasoning for chaat and
 its also ideal for using the seasoning in other dishes
Cumin Seeds

<--Ground cumin and chili 

Add all the above ingredients from no. 1 to no. 9 one by one and......


Lets everyone knows your version  of Green Chaat. ( All versions of green chaat recipes are welcome)

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