Library Book drop Boxes!

                                              Eagle library book drop box (Hayward, ca)



You may not have given much thought to library book drop boxes, But I think these book drop boxes are lovely, and worth a posting. I noticed many electric grid supply boxes have been transformed into mural artwork.

I liked this idea and its implementation a lot. Back home, when I was in high school, always thought that it would be great  if the street walls in my hometown painted in vibrant colors and murals instead of some faded and some new advertisements. It took many years for my wishes to fulfill, as of now, I can proudly encounter the murals on the walls of my hometown, instead.

                                   A mural on a side walk back home: twin city Cuttack/Bhubaneswer(India)

Great works always leaves its signature in our mind. Those artists who volunteer for these lovely art for public display are admirable in all aspects.
                                 A nice Mural on power sub-panels

 I wish all the library book-drop boxes would look like some-kind of art.
Have a great week ahead.

P.S- I received couple of e-mails about posting some more pictures of Library book-drop boxes.  Here are they (All are from Hayward Public Library)

                                                Drive through book-drop


magiceye said...

wonderful concept indeed!

emmajames said...

wow very nice, i found here very nice posts, keep writing good post, definitely i will come beack......

Sri said...

Wonderful post Lipika, waiting for more and more of them......

Lipika Mohapatra said...

Hello Sri, I am glad that you liked this post.

Steward said...

Wow... they came up with brilliant idea!!!

yusuf said...

good design, creative ideas. I just saw this picture the first time

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