Morning Walk With Nature!

The smell of hot tea is soothing. My eyes are still watery. It's 5 o' clock in the morning. Usually I don't get up so early. That's my little luxury, may be a lot . But this morning I had decided to go for a walk, early. The morning breeze was smelling like an unknown Chinese herbal tea that you could not figure out the exact smell but loved it. Besides the morning breeze there ware many things caught my attention. I met with a squirrel, who was almost lost in the process of opening a nutshell in the middle of the road. I noticed a lovely Weathercock on the roof of a cute empty seasonal shop, I vaguely had noticed it before though.

Most probably, by preparing their wooden stove, crews of neighborhood burger shop were getting ready for their early bird customers. The woody smoke had been coming out from the chimney, creating a environment of food is ready, what more you want.

As I walked by passing tall trees, bushes and wild poppies on the side walk, finally I decided to spend sometime seating on the frosted grass of Gurudwara Indian sikh Temple. Since it has been on an up-hill, the morning mood of the town can be viewable.

It felt like, layer of morning clouds, the lonely roads and everything else around has freshly woke up after a good night sleep.

I returned back with a refreshment of mind and body. It was the best walk, I can say without any doubt.

Happy Fall, every one!


Neus said...

Good way of beginning a new day! I can smell this Chinese tea too! ;-)

Lauren said...

Your photographs are lovely. I felt so peaceful as I looked at them.

Lipika Mohapatra said...

Hello Neus, That's true. It's usually calm and quite in the early morning and going out for a walk with no one but the nature, is amazing.

Lipika Mohapatra said...

Hello Lauren,

Thank you for your kind words. I am glad that you liked them.

Nirbachita said...

Hello Lipika,

Just stumbled upon this blog and thought this must be the Lipika I know. How are you? Lost contact with you ages ago. You have a wonderful blog here.

Lipika Mohapatra said...

Hello Nirbachita,

I felt the same way when I saw your comment. I am glad to have you here.

Mike's Air Conditioning said...

It is so nice and calming to spend time with nature but sadly it is getting polluted and there is a fear that health issues happening due to the contaminated environment.We must try and conserve the natural resources of the world.

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