An Old Farm!

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The place was not far from my home. It was an old agricultural farm, turned into a delighted place for recreational activities, for people living nearby areas. Last Sunday it was a perfect afternoon with plenty of sun sign and mildly windy. We grabbed the water bottle and zipped out to see the horizon, to listen the wind and may be to experience the silence.

In between the silence I can here the Moo...from the cows grazing and relaxing, a few dozen yards and nothing else really matters in high but to watch, observe and admire the great creation...
There was also a display of old farming equipment and those machinery seemed so perfect for agricultural work.


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Patricia Lichen said...

I stumbled across your blog today--what wonderful photos! Makes me think I ought to try carrying around a camera myself (tho I know it takes an "eye" for a composition, as well as the camera!)

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