A Beautiful Place!

Probably hand painted plant pot that were I spotted on the old house in the Meyer's Garden, East Bay

                                    Chandelier or Candle holder? but beautiful (in the Meyer's House)

Meyer's House (East Bay Park) The garden and the outdoor seating is amazing.

 This is the coolest place on the earth

We got the wonderful opportunity to volunteer in this Meyer's Estate Dry Creek Gardens, last Saturday. It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and company of other volunteers was an amazing experience.

Roosters, hens and peacock and bunch of pigs are the proud residence of the garden. They are hospitable and tolerance to outsiders like us. I found many old and beautiful furniture, decorations, that have still the old charm and some story to tell that obviously I don't know. Just imagining how the place and the cottage could be a peaceful as will as vibrant place for the Meyer sisters who dedicate their life for social work and at the end donate the place to the park.

Here is a link you can read about the garden and it's history.
About the Garden

Wish you all a lovely week ahead.

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