Green Gossip!

Gossip! Yes, I mean negative gossip. In some point we all do that. At work, at home, in phone...
We don't even care how much energy and time we are spending through gossiping.

For some folks, gossiping is a daily habit.They usually gossip about their co-worker, family members or neighbors.
Why they gossip?
To show (the entire planet if possible) that the person about whom they are talking (gossiping) is less then them in every aspect of life. Also to give a big picture about themselves.

The sad part is, some folks goes beyond by putting obstacle in the persons path. So, in simple word negative gossip is not a healthy practice for our environment. Its take time, energy and also pollute the positive vibe of the place and home.

Can we stop gossiping? There is no rule like gossiping is prohibited.

Can we make it green? Yes, Absolutely.


When we  gossip (talk), we can talk about our next green project or how someone can help a needy person without their knowledge or at work lunch time we can spend it by volunteering in the nearest pet on... by spending same amount of energy and time we spend in negative gossip.
Grown up hesitate to appreciate openly if they like something (may be they do not like anything). We analyze everything microscopically. Are not we?
Another green gossip practice is learn to appreciate openly and spread the Eco-friendly message through gossip.

Happy Green Gossiping!



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