A warm smile!

                  A view from a ranch on mission blvd,  Ca

May be 10 smile (sometime more then that) I got everyday starts from sidewalks and sometime ends with the smile from the neighbors guest. All are strangers but anyway after all its just a smile. I could not remember one of them. I bet no one could.

But once in a while in a blue moon we get a warm smile.from a stranger.And want to remember.

Today it was a cloudy day. I was at the toll gate waiting to pay my toll fee. I slides the car window glass down and stretched my hand with five dollar while thinking something else, to the person standing at the tollgate. I stretched my hand again to get my one dollar return back before my eyes concentrate on the road. I noticed a smile on the face of the man while he was returning back my dollar bill.  Yeah a real warm smile which touched  my heart. The man was wearing a blue turban which was around 10 inch high. His long white beard was touching his belly. The only visible thing in his face was his long nose and eyes and a warm smile. I looked at his eyes and returned back another smile with warmth (I hope).

 The bottom line is, we are still getting pure sunshine, pure water (unless until we are making them impure). Our inner self can still recognize the difference between pure and impure. Then why pretend?

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