100% Pure Air freshly packed from unpolluted Areas!

                                  A Ranch in Mission Blvd, Ca

Its a Sunday afternoon. A cloudy sky with little windy outside feels like already evening. The weather forecast showing upcoming rains form today to whole week ahead. There you go. So no reason to go out for the rest of the day unless until its an emergency. Sometime its nice to get out of the house and go for a long walk in the reversed forest areas; its the fresh air, the trees, the grass, the bugs on the grass...  Well, I believe the more we are well equipped with civilized equipment the more we realize that actually we are close to nature. Today I had a thought popping in my mind which is forcing me to think about it repeatedly. The thought " may be after couple of decades if we want to experience fresh air we have to buy it, packed from unpolluted areas, like bottled water from natural springs". I wish I could have written a since fiction on the basis of this particular thought I have.

As we have already entered into another decade,  the awareness has grew within us about our surroundings and environment. We also have been emerging with modern information systems and tools quite rapidly. If I would like to know what is the composition of pure air or say about anything else,  I can Google it and get the answer right away. Wow!.

After couple of decade we may be well-equipped with all shorts of things from our wish list but I am wondering may be in our corner store, they will have to add a self for bottles of 100% fresh air freshly packed from the most unpolluted areas ???

Inhaling real lean fresh air is quite an experience. The pollution in the Earth already has reached at alarming level. I suspect with the rapid forwarding movement of mankind, we are going to live in a world we are imagining in our movies one day, like Gotham city in Batman, robots will take care of all of our everyday works shown in  I, robot and our own clone will be our medical insurance in movie like Island and so on...Also the movie like WALL-E the robot, is a perfect example of our impending future...that the worse we could imagine, the way mankind is moving forward. Believe me, nothing wrong with the moving forward matter but I hope balancing should be the mantra for everything.

Now the rain has been starting already. Dancing of the raindrop sounds wafted through my windows as I write this post. It feels comfortable and safe when weather starts producing the result its supposed to. Its been more than three years the rainfall amount is below expected in California.

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Thanh said...

This is gorgeous!

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