Flower Power!!

I am wondering the name of this flower.

Our Window

The flowers have decided to bloom overlooking our window. Everyday I saw them blooming little more.  Its a beautiful feeling. I think, every flower have unique personalities just like human beings. Doesn't matter whether they are expensive well-known flowers or just some unknown grass or wild flowers but they are all beautiful and unique.

Orange wild Poppy (its widely seen)
  • A simple tips to enhance the atmosphere of  your home, in a frugal way is to collect any flowers, leafs and put them in a glass jar with water. That's all and of course enjoy!

    While writing this post I came up with a title named "Flower Power". I searched the name in the internet and found Flower Power was a popular slogan used by American counterculture movement during the late 1960's, as a symbolic action of protest against the Vietnam War. Its originated in Berkeley, California.

                   The muddy water in Don Castro Reservoir

    I went outside today and took these flowers photos. The reservoir water has became muddy after the continuous downpour. Since the Earth socked up  I found many smiling wild flowers.
    I would like to share some links below, to admire some spectacular wild flowers. The seasons starts around February.

    California Wild flower: Table Mountain
    Ohio Wild flower
     Wild Flower Identification Guide


    Neeraj Gupta said...

    nice photos

    Andy D said...

    Hi from Blogger Talk. I like the photos. The very first one is really nice.

    Dan Boise said...

    Beautiful pictures

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