Geese are busy in search for food in the patches of melting snow (Lake Tahoe Area, Ca)

Happy New Year to you all!
Holidays has been over far too quickly as the year 2009. A closure analysis of my failure and triumph of last year hope would help me to face the New year quite logically.

The geese in the picture are busy in search of food which is precious for them in winter. They are so focused that when I took the picture they have not even distracted by my presence. I have no idea about the year 2010. What is it holding? But I hope the new year would hold all of our desired goals. I believe, by focused search and planned work, we can achieve them.


LAKSHYA said...

Nice photo capture. I hope the geese found enough to eat.
Best wishes for New Year. Hope it brings happiness to all, humans and animals !

Lipika Mohapatra said...

Thank you Lakshya for such a lovely comment.

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